Complete analysis of your sleep

Complex data explained simply in a detailed and personalized report.

Most of the sleep trackers are limited to a quantitative description of your sleep, Sunrise goes further with relevant and customized reports of your nights.

This 3-gram technology jewel (yes, it's the weight of this sensor!) provides detailed information on the quality of your sleep. You will learn:

If your sleep is continuous or on the contrary fragmented by micro-awakenings that can have a decisive impact on your health.

If you are breathing freely during the night or if, on the contrary, you experience moments of apnea during your sleep. The Sunrise device is the only wireless device that detects sleep apneas but also other moments of exceptional breathing effort during sleep, before the situation degrades into apnea or hypopnea. However, these efforts alone can cause significant stress to your cardiovascular system. It is important to identify them carefully.

Sunrise turns your night of recording into clear answers, combined with useful advice.

In addition, Sunrise allows you to send the results of your sleep analysis to your doctor, who can view a complete online report of your nights and make a medical diagnosis.

brings sleep science to the
tip of your chin.
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