A sensor,on the chin
to see how the brain
works at nightk.

Why the braing?

During sleep, due to muscle relaxation, passage of air through the airways becomes more difficult. This causes oxygen deprivation in the body.

The brain, conscious of such breathing disturbances, restores air circulation by contracting the muscles of the upper respiratory tract. These muscles are attached to a mobile bone - the mandible. As a result of muscle contraction, the mandible performs minuscule movements.

Mandibular movements are, therefore, muscular adjustments regulated by the brain and directly recorded by Sunrise. Through the placement on your chin, we can see precisely what the brain does to keep you breathing and sleeping.

Medicalcexpertise in the comfort of your beds.

A 3 gram sensor displaying an unprecedented level of accuracy for home sleep testing technologies, comparable to test results obtained in professional sleep laboratories.

The clinical study involving 376 patients performed by a group of French, Belgian and American sleep experts, demonstrates unparalleled conformity of results between Sunrise measurements and polysomnography - the gold standard in sleep medicine diagnostics.

The graph demonstrates how closely related the Sunrise curve and the sleep laboratory measurements curves are.

goes above and beyond.

Sleep Trackers1
At-home medical devices

Apnea / hypopnea risk

Identifying if further medical analysis is required

Certified apnea / hypopnea measurements

Identifying the number of apnea / hypopnea events that doctors use for diagnosis

Sleep stages

Describing events at each stage and predicting upcoming ones


Measuring recurrence of micro-arousals that lead to sleep fragmentation and nonrestorative sleep

Respiratory effort

Distinguishing between two forms of sleep apnea: obstructive and central

Total sleep time

Measuring number of events per night and assessing severity of the sleep disorder

Head position

Identifying how changes in head position impact sleep disorders


Calculating extent of teeth grinding throughout the night

Medical questionnaire

Contextualising recorded measurements with answers to questionnaires used by sleep specialists

Clinically applicable results

Immediately providing accurate measurements for prescription of treatment by healthcare professionals

1 A sleep tracker is a connected device (bracelet, pillow, Smartphone, etc.) able to provide information about the user's sleep.

Sunrise is a certified medical device.

What makesxSunrise
a certified medicalcdevice?

There is an actual difference between poorly regulated consumer goods and "certified medical devices" validated by law and used by doctors in their daily practice. Obtaining this certification takes several months of work.

  • 01. The European Commission sets out regulations necessary for obtaining a "medical device" certification.

  • 02. 52 notified bodies are in charge of verifying the development of the device and regulating quality over time.

  • 03. Such quality audits take place at least once a year2.

2 For diagnostic instruments (class 2a).

“Quality of sleep is a main health issue,
the damages caused to both patients and
health system are enormous.”

Laurent Martinot, CEO of Sunrise

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A medical devicefcertified and
clinically testedwon 400 patients.