Sleep Apnoea, a global health issue.

A sleep test shouldn't be complicated.

So we've made it incredibly simple.

No waiting, no cable, no night in the lab.
The world's lightest sensor, a certified medical device for the diagnosis of apnea. A revolution in sleep medicine.

Treat earlier, stay healthy, live a better life.

Technology is changing the way we deal with health care.

We now perceive a system that treats earlier and at a lower cost, dealing with the causes of the disease before the symptoms and the consequences.

More than 10 years of research.

Behind this small sensor are more than 10 years of research to reinvent sleep diagnosis. A long work to understand and clinically validate a new bio-signal, to finally propose a new way of measuring sleep. For sleep apnoea in particular, Sunrise technology offers more precise indicators than Polygraphy and just as complete as Polysomnography, the gold standard for sleep diagnosis. It can measure : - The number of apnoea - The presence of respiratory effort - The number of micro-awakenings - The stages of sleep - The exact sleeping time

Used daily by medical staff to diagnose and treat Sleep Apnoea