I used to keep
snoringoeach night.
waking upyearly.

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  • Successfully used by over
    thousands of patients.
  • Clinically tested on a sample of 400 people.
  • Recommended by doctors.

2 simple steps to restoring
your youthful energy.

  • 01. Get your sleep tested with Sunrise at home.

    • All respiratory signals analysed
    • Certified for Sleep Apnea
    • REM Sleep
    • Medically applicable sleep measurements
  • 02. Get the treatment you need with a sleep physician.

    • Get an appointment in less than a week
    • The best NHS qualified sleep specialists
    • Share or keep your test results confidential

How does Sunrise
technology work?

Sunrisemtechnology captures the respiratory signal at its sourcen.

No night in the hospital, no cables, no electrodes... Just your chin and that’s all! We discovered it to be the best placement for measuring mandibular movements, which are the ideal signal for understanding what the brain does to protect your breathing at night.

A major innovation in sleep medicine over the last 20 years, this technology has been validated by world-renowned experts1.

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Sunrise revolutionhis on the way!
Check what the press says about usm.

A sleep test shouldn't
be complicatedu.

So we made it incredibly simple. Sunrise is a 3-gram sensor delivering results that can be used as soon as you wake up, and allowing a connection with sleep specialists for a 100% customized medical care, directly from your home!

Sunrise is a clinically tested
and certified medical technology

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More than a sleep test.
A sleep medicinecbreakthrough.

Sunrise aims to bring simple answers to millions of people
suffering from sleep disorders, with a test unique
in measuring distinctive respiratory metrics.

  • Behind Sunrise is a team of passionate sleep physicians working hand in hand with researchers and engineers.

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  • Sunrise has been tested in the most established sleep laboratories.

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  • As published in JAMA and other media, Sunrise demonstrates unprecedented performance in at-home sleep testing.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I receive my results?

    When you finish your night, it takes a few minutes to analyze the results. You will receive a notification when the results are available in the application. From the main menu, you can click on your night to view them.
  • For how many nights can I use the sensor?

    The sensor is for single use only, only one night can be tested with a sensor. If you want to test your sleep over several nights, we invite you to buy as many sensors as you want.
  • How do I attach the sensor?

    Remove the self-adhesive protection from the sensor to activate it. For bearded people, it is advisable to shave closely or use the adhesive provided to ensure optimal adherence.
  • How may I share my results with my doctor?

    From the main menu of the application, please click on the "Doctor" tab and then on the "+" sign at the top right of the screen. Then, please enter your doctor's email address. The latter will then receive an email inviting him to register on the Sunrise platform to access your results.
  • Is it possible to use the Sunrise sleep test for children?

    Yes, Sunrise is a medical device certified by the European Commission and usable on children from 3 years old.

A restful night once in a blue moon?
It's time to testwyour sleep.