In the press

At times Sunrise comes
into the spotlighte.

“An excellent performance in terms of sensitivity and specificity”

“A big step up from regular sleep trackers!”

“The device is a one-use sticky pad, perfectly comfortable on your chin”

“Sunrise Secures €6.5 Million in Funding for 3 Gram Chin Sleep Test”

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“Such clinical precision is quite new for a device that weighs only 3grams!”

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“Sleep is a critical determinant of health and well-being.”

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“Sunrise: the wearable sensor revolutionising sleep analysis”

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“Around 2 third of people would not consider discussing snoring with their doctor”

Dr. Dawn Harper, on the BBC

“People can use the system at home instead of going to a sleep center.”

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“Snoring is a nuisance if you're the one kept awake listening to it. But it can be much more troublesome for the actual snorer.”

Spring 2021 edition

“They helped consumers fulfill their desire to get a good night's sleep”

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