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80% of people suffering from sleepxapnea are not aware of it!

There is a major impact on health for people suffering from untreated sleep apnea. One main concern is the 5 times increase in risk of death from cardiovascular diseases1.

A substantial portion of the population is affected by sleep apnea, and yet just a few understand the harmful impact on sleep quality. In order to live happy and healthy, and to have better quality of life, it is imperative to take our sleep seriously!

1 Logan and al. J. Hypertension ; O’Keefe and Patterson, Obes Surgery; Oldenburg and al,, Eur J Heart Failure; Einhorn and al. Endocrine Prac ; Basseti et al. Stroke

“There is nothing more rewarding than to gift their patient something as essential as sleep after they have lost it for years.”

Jean-Benoît Martinot, Sleep specialist.

A sleep test shouldn't

So we've made it incredibly simple! At Sunrise, we are working to shape the future of sleep diagnostics. No waiting, no cables, no electrodes, and no need to spend the night at the hospital.

Sunrise, just 3 grams small, delivers your results as soon as you wake up. With your report ready you can be connected with the right sleep specialist to receive your personalised medical plan and monitoring.

Born from medicine,
poweredpby technology.

Hidden within this little device are years of research aiming to reinvent sleep diagnostics. It has been a long road to fully understand and clinically approve this new bio-signal. Finally, we present a novel method for measuring sleep.

The synergy between medical science and technology is a guarantee of accuracy and precision. We take pride in this legacy and ensure that we follow a path based on facts, evidence and experience, leaving no room for conjecture.

Avoid sleep apnea,
avoid drivingzdrowsily!