What's new in the Sunrise patient report?

What's new in the Sunrise patient report?

All the new features from the last release are explained in this article.

Healthcare professionals deserve clear and precise information for their patients. We recently updated the patient report with new features! Here is the novelties:

✓ Three new features 
✓ Reduced loading time 
✓ A general design optimisation of patient reports

We are delighted to share with you this new release and hope you'll find it useful for your daily practice. 🙌


01. New presentation of indexes

Patient datas have been redesigned for greater clarity. Now, each index goes along with an informative box with more details. Do not forget to scroll down to access the whole content. 

The total sleep time is now available in the Sunrise patient report


Two new datas are now available:

  • patient age 
  • analysis duration


02. A new section within the report

This new section will bring recording datas: starting time, ending time, recording duration... 


03. Micro-arrousals focus 

A new graph is now available in the report. It made possible the overview in one place of all the micro-arrousals that happened during sleep.


The micro arousals are now available in the Sunrise patient report


We hope you'll find this informative. Please feel free to share with us your feedbacks about this update. We are at your disposal if you have any questions. 

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