Tired when you wake up?%%Sunrise is a medical device that diagnoses your sleep in-depth.

A good day starts with a good night!%%

%%At the cutting edge of technology, this little 3-gram jewel explores your in-depth sleep to provide information and advice to help you sleep better.

Sunrise revolutionizes sleep medicine.

At the cutting edge of technology, this small 3-gram adhesive sensor, the result of nearly 10 years of research, simply sticks to the chin.

Clinically proven on 400 people.

The only device that detects the presence of obstructive apneas but also any form of respiratory effort during your sleep, with the precision of a sleep laboratory.

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Certified medical device.

Much more than a sleep tracker, Sunrise is a real instrument for medical diagnosis, CE certified.

Experience the difference: find out if your current sleep tracker is medically validated.

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Live analysis of the brain.

Sunrise has developed a new way of measuring sleep: for the first time, we are observing live adjustments made by the brain to preserve your breathing and therefore your sleep at night.

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1 night

The standard currently used in the sleep laboratory.


3 nights

The solution recommended by Sunrise, to accurately capture the variability between your nights.


7 nights

For a high-definition overview of your sleep.


brings sleep science to the
tip of your chin.
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