No more junk sleep.

You can improve your sleep, how you feel, your health, your relationships at work and at home.
But first you need clinical information about what disrupts your nights.

Sunrise, a new way for measuring sleep

  • truly seamless
  • no compromise on quality

Sunrise revolutionizes sleep medicine.

At the cutting edge of technology, this small 3-gram adhesive sensor, the result of nearly 10 years of research, simply sticks to the chin.

Clinically proven on 400 people.

The only device that detects the presence of obstructive apneas but also any form of respiratory effort during your sleep, with the precision of a sleep laboratory.

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Medical device.

Much more than a sleep tracker, Sunrise is a real instrument for medical diagnosis.

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Live analysis of the brain.

Sunrise has developed a new way of measuring sleep: for the first time, we are observing live adjustments made by the brain to preserve your breathing and therefore your sleep at night.

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A new way for measuring sleep

Faster, easier, less expensive.
At the hospital
1h30 setup
+1000€ per night
At home
1 minute setup
39€ per night

Seamless sleep testing,
no compromise on quality.

brings sleep science to the
tip of your chin.
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